Your Province Needs You !

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The Provincial Communications Committee is looking to build on the foundations it had laid in the past year. We're looking to expand the team with some very specific skills, coinciding with our plans for the years ahead. Even if you only have a couple of hours a month, it would be good to hear from you.

PCO Reps

Aligned with one of the Lodge or Chapter Groups (30/40 units), to work with them to create news stories which highlight the good being done by their Lodge/Chapter within the Province and beyond. Ideally you should have a journalism background or have experience in copywriting. Contact Stan Marut here

Social Media Community Managers

Working in the Digital Team, we are seeking members with Social Media skills to manage the Twitter, Facebook and other accounts, produce posts and manage the response. We are developing a Paid Social campaign to attract new members, Ideally you should work in this area, or have experience running social channels. Contact Omaid Hiwaizi here

Public Ambassadors

To join the trailer team, attend events over the summer and talk to members of the public about Freemasonry - the role requires those with confidence in speaking to the public. If you have a vehicle which can can tow the trailer, that would be a plus. Contact Richard Alliston here

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