Wheelpower – The Big Event

The Province of Middlesex, by virtue of the close relationship between the Middlesex Masonic Sports Association and the charity WheelPower, has been invited to participate in the Asics London 10 kilometre run on Sunday 25th July 2021.

As a major event, WheelPower is looking to raise £3,000 from its team of runners.

This fantastic run takes in London’s famous landmarks from Piccadilly to Whitehall, with a route that races past Regent Street, Trafalgar Square, the Embankment, Westminster Bridge and Westminster Abbey.

Ten places are on offer, of which four have already been allocated to those who weren’t able to participate in the event last year.

So, it’s first come, first served and all contenders should contact W Bro Paul Sully who is Organiser.

He will be able to let you have the entry form and provide further details.

E Mail: paulmsully@gmail.com

There is a £25 registration fee to take part, which will cover the running vest and medals.

It is expected that individuals taking part will use this as an opportunity to raise funds for WheelPower by way of sponsorship.

The Charity provides first class facilities and support that disabled people need to get active.

A Mission Statement –

Your participation will help them reach their potential. Involvement in sport can totally transform the lives of disabled children and adults.

Through sport, many people whose lives have been traumatically changed can have an outlet for their frustrations and energy.

By focussing on something they can do, and potentially excel in, increased confidence and a positive outlook can be achieved, and this can have a dramatically positive influence on other areas of life.


• Improves lives by organising many events which introduce disabled children to the benefits of sport.

• Provides coaching and the best facilities for disabled athletes

• Gives information on the benefits of sport and active lifestyle to patients rehabilitating following a spinal cord injury.

• Organises events for disabled patients in rehab which will help improve their day to day quality of life

• Supports British wheelchair teams at home and abroad.

• Acts as the primary source of information on the benefits of wheelchair sport


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