What Next ?

A Journey into the Masonic Orders –

What Next ? by Ron Selby

Having been Raised to the Third Degree in Craft the masonic world becomes an oyster and the new Master Mason will be beckoned hither and thither to join another Masonic Order.

This is a wonderful opportunity to expand one’s interest in freemasonry but like everything else, there should always be a cautious approach to anything new.

Sometimes difficult to turn down an invitation from a friend, but joining a new Order allows an opportunity to expand the circle of new masonic friends and learn more about the wonderful world of freemasonry.

All of a sudden you are transported into a new place where you may be either exalted, advanced, elevated or perfected into the many other Orders.

Choose wisely as it better to know a little about your path forward than to get it wrong and repent at leisure, as they say.

The following descriptor is given by the author W. Bro Ron Selby;

This book is written to assist those contemplating joining one of the numerous additional Degrees in Freemasonry, or to aid those who have joined a Degree and are looking for more information on the Order that they have joined.

It gives a history of the various Degrees and Orders, the requirements for joining them, and the reasons each Degree could be of value as the next step for the candidate to take.

Aiming to be comprehensive, “What Next ?” really goes into detail, being extensively illustrated, showing the regalia and jewels of the Orders and where possible, there is a non-disclosure description of the Ceremonies and various stages of advancement through the order.

Up to date information on entry requirement and how to contact the headquarters of the Degrees is also given.

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About The Author –

Ron Selby

W Bro Ron Selby is a London and Middlesex Mason and was Initiated in Pearl of Africa Lodge, No. 9052 (Middlesex) in 1988 and was Master in 1999.

He first went into the Chair in Authors’ Lodge, No. 3456 (London) in 1995 and has been Secretary since 2001.

It was here that he first tested his skills at writing due to the traditional flamboyant and humorous style required for the Minutes.

He was a Founder of Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541 (Research Lodge for the Province of Middlesex), Master in 2004 and Secretary since 2011 and has run the associated Correspondence Circle since its Consecration in 1994.

Ron is also Scribe E of both a London and Middlesex Chapter.

He wrote an updated history of the Province of Middlesex published in 2020 and is the co-founder and custodian of the Middlesex Masonic Library founded in 2011.

He has several research papers to his credit, which he delivers to Lodges in Middlesex and around the country.
He has written three Lodge/Chapter histories.

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