Exuding Christmas Spirit at Uxbridge

Uxbridge Masonic Centre – Christmas Day – Volunteers preparing meals for distribution

Whilst many of us were enjoying the festivities at home with our families, the words of Good King Wenceslas sprang to mind, especially when a “poor man came in sight” and the actions of the King to ensure that he was fed.

Bring me flesh and bring me wine.
Bring me pine logs hither.
Thou and I will see him dine…..

Very much in the spirit of this Christmas song, masonic volunteers, their families and other helpers met at Uxbridge Masonic Centre on Christmas Day to ensure that a nourishing festive lunch was prepared and distributed to those in need on this special day.

W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, had arranged this with the Charity SUFRA which has been involved in food preparation and distribution to the hungry.

Through the course of the pandemic SUFRA has been one of the foremost charities in this endeavour.

W Bro John organised it so that SUFRA was able to use the kitchen at the Centre to provide 500 meals on Christmas Day.

Not only that, a grant of £1,000 was given by the Province of Middlesex Benevolent Fund to the Charity, which was then matched by the Masonic Charitable Foundation giving a total sum of £2,000.

It was this donation that paid for the meals and the expert kitchen staff to prepare them with any residual cash being used for the SUFRA Foodbank.

However, these things don’t work by themselves and it was through the generosity of those freemasons, their wives, their partners and family members who came together to extend their “Christmas Love” in a practical way that the whole undertaking was able to flourish.

The Provincial Grand Charity Steward wanted to thank in particular:

Clive Toms and family (Byron Lodge, No 7426), Tim Wright and partner (Uxbridge Lodge, No 7066), Fred Mistry and wife (Byron Lodge, No. 7426), Grant Boulton (Royal Union Lodge, No. 382) as well as Bridget Costello, House Manager and Vanessa, who works there also who gave their time freely in the service of others.

A Report from W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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