Uxbridge Lodge Cheque In At Hillingon Play Association

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W Bro David Greig (Charity Steward) and W Bro Kevin Gates (Secretary) of Uxbridge Lodge No 7066 presented a cheque for £500.00 to Hillingdon Play Association (HPA) based in Hayes, Middlesex on the 20th April 2023. The cheque came from the Middlesex Province Relief Fund and was a result of the Provincial initiative to disperse funds arising from the 21st anniversary of the sale of the Princess Alexandra Home in Stanmore. HPA Chairwoman Mrs Valerie Mohammadi (kneeling) asked for her grateful thanks to be conveyed to the Brethren of Uxbridge Lodge and to the wider Masonic fraternity for the valuable support given to the charity. It's not only funds that have been provided by Uxbridge Lodge and MPRF in the past. W. Bro Gates plays the role of Santa Claus at the annual Christmas Fair and as you can see from the photo he is amply qualified for the part!!

Valerie took the Brethren on a tour of the facilities that provide morning playgroup activities for preschool youngsters, often from disadvantaged backgrounds and recent refugees to the UK. W Bro David commented on the difference a relatively small amount can make to a local charity that receives no other form of funding, as opposed to larger national charities where a small amount may only be a drop in the ocean. Besides providing toys and play equipment monies donated can cover other needs like a breakfast for a child who has not have had one before they arrive at the playgroup. Uxbridge Lodge looks forward to continuing its support to HPA in the years to come.

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