Uniting In The Act Of Charity

Left to right, Habil, Tracey, Ahmad, Martin, Sarah
Left to right, Habil, Tracey, Ahmad, Martin, Sarah

On Tuesday 29th November 3 members of the Lodge of Fidelity No 7974, W. Bro Martin Voles (Charity Steward) together with two Fellow Crafts Bros Ahmad Hammami and Habil Kadeida, visited the treatment facility of Integrated Neurological Services (INS) Charity in Twickenham to present them with a cheque for £500 from the Middlesex Province Relief Fund.

The Charity provides essential support to people suffering from a number of conditions which include Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s amongst many others. Indeed, in their own words a resume of their treatments is shown below:

INS clients live with a variety of neurological conditions that can often be severe and variable. Our work reduces loneliness and depression which contributes to improved well-being in our clients and carers. Comments from clients include: "INS has provided me the tools to help me challenge my illness and understand what it is doing to me and what I can do for myself…. I'd be lost without INS” and “I wouldn’t be here talking to you today if it weren’t for INS.

After providing acute hospital care, the NHS can only fund limited support in the community for a few weeks for people with these conditions – after that people are left to cope on their own. Patients with neurological conditions have the lowest health related quality of life of any long-term condition. At INS we use a holistic approach to deliver a range of integrated clinical services and social and emotional therapeutic support. A key outcome of our services is to enable people to remain as active as possible to ensure that they stay engaged with their communities, do not become isolated from their social networks and to enable them to develop new connections that can support both their physical and emotional needs”.

The cheque for was gratefully received by Tracey Hilty (Fund Raiser) and Sarah Vines (Chief Executive) of INS. The three members of Fidelity Lodge were then given a tour around the facility and shown the care and treatment the Charity is able to offer those suffering all types of neurological condition and illnesses affecting the central or peripheral nervous systems.

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