The University Challenge

Many Middlesex Masons will no doubt have joined Lodges at a relatively young age.

I joined when I was 30 in 1978, which seems light years ago now.

The age demographic of freemasons will show whether we are encouraging youngsters.

However, although it is important to grow organically within our Lodges, there is no doubt that the way of life has changed perceptions and the willingness, perhaps, of younger men to join the Craft.

UGLE have over a period been keen to encourage younger men who are attending University to become Freemasons.

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However, I have shown below the statement made on the UGLE website by way of introduction to the scheme (Ed).

It was nearly 200 years ago that the first university Lodge, Apollo University Lodge, was founded at Oxford, with Isaac Newton University Lodge following soon afterwards at Cambridge.

Since then many thousands of young men have been introduced to Freemasonry through these two Lodges, and they provided the inspiration for the Universities Scheme.

This was set up at the beginning of 2005 with the objective: ‘To establish and/or enhance arrangements and opportunities for undergraduates and other university members to enjoy Freemasonry’.

There are now 83 other Lodges pursuing a similar, yet distinct, course. Their membership consists of undergraduates, postgraduates, senior members of the university and alumni, ranging in age from 18 upwards.

All under-25s benefit from the recent decision by Grand Lodge to halve their dues in order to make Freemasonry as accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The Scheme is headed by the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Wootton, who explains: “We know from these long-established university lodges that students – whether undergraduates or postgraduates – enjoy Freemasonry to the full.

Through the Universities Scheme, we hope that university members from all over the country will be able to gain the same inspiration, fulfilment and enjoyment.

In Middlesex there are three Lodges which participate within the scheme.

These are Barn Hill Lodge, No. 7799; Ruislip St Martin’s Lodge, No. 9125 and Bushey Park Lodge, No. 2381 – (see Freemasonry: The Next Generation ).


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