General Guidance for the Resumption of Masonic Meetings – July 2020

1. Prevailing Government guidance must be followed, in addition to local rules from Masonic Hall companies etc.

2. Disposable/medical gloves should not be worn. They are far more likely to spread the virus (if any is present) unless used correctly as they are in medical circumstances by trained professionals.

Regular hand washing and avoiding touching your face are far more effective.

3. In the absence of definitive Government guidance, members who wish to wear face masks during meetings are to be allowed to do so.

4. Nobody, particularly elderly or vulnerable members, should feel coerced into attending meetings – irrespective of their office.

5. The current, absolute, maximum number of members allowed to physically attend a meeting in England will be 30 but different limits may apply elsewhere.

This limit will be determined by Government guidance and by the regulations set by the masonic hall or other meeting venue as judged by, for example, the dimensions of meeting spaces, relative ventilation etc.

6. In the event of a meeting being oversubscribed, the Lodge/Chapter/or equivalent Unit should decide who attends and should do so equitably.

7. Members who are unwell or have recently been unwell and those who are under advice to self-isolate must not attend meetings.

8. For the time being, there is to be no singing in meetings.

9. There are to be no Festive Boards after meetings. Presently, guidance does not allow for mass dining but as soon as the guidance changes to allow this, dining may then be offered.

10. At all times, common sense must prevail when considering the resumption of meetings.

Dr David Staples FRCP
Chief Executive & Grand Secretary
United Grand Lodge of England

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