Middlesex Masons and the Thin Blue Line

Over the period of lockdown we have been acutely aware of the difficulties with health and the economic fallout of Covid 19.

The security threats we face as a society have not gone away and, in many ways, have left us more vulnerable.

A Middlesex member works in a specialist unit at Scotland Yard, where he and his colleagues are playing a vital role protecting the public from other invisible enemies.

He said, “At a low level, we are seeing criminals stealing and forging NHS identity cards to get access to supermarkets and shops to take advantage of shopping hours reserved for key workers and the police are preparing for a rise in crime when lockdown ends – for example drug dealers have run low on cash because they can’t exactly take part in the furlough scheme”.

A Different Kind of Threat –

His role is focused more on a different threat.

Both terrorists and state actors are probing the ways in which we have adapted our working practices to deal with COVID to identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that can exploited”, said Bob.

For instance, he points to the ways that working from home are inherently less secure than operating on the secure networks that organisations have developed.

It’s our job to keep an eye on what the bad guys are doing and react to it before it threatens or compromises our security” Bob advised.

It’s been a busy time, not least because we have also had to counter these threats while changing our own working practices. It’s vital for all our interests that we continue to do so and stay ahead of them.

Vital Role –

Another Middlesex Mason has said that the role of the Police Service is equally vital and his role along with his colleagues is to protect the lives of the public by ensuring that health rules are followed.

Additionally, he mentioned that certain types of crime have diminished, for example shoplifting.

Instead there were new patterns of criminality e.g., phone snatching from NHS staff who have been targeted by criminals after finishing a gruelling shift.

Additionally, policemen and women face other anxieties of their own as they too have had to respect social distancing.

Our Brother said that members of the public had been supportive during this extraordinary time with many people thanking them in the street

The Province of Middlesex can be proud of those of its membership that serve in the Police Service protecting our wellbeing in other ways.

A grateful thanks to W. Bro Ian Mitchell for the article.

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