A Dialogue with the Royal Arch

You have just enjoyed the experience of being Raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

You have the exhilaration of feeling I’ve done it !

But you haven’t finished yet; your journey through pure ancient Freemasonry is not yet complete.

You have taken the three regular steps, but the completion of your journey depends on you taking the important fourth step.

That step is taken by being exalted into the Royal Arch, popularly referred to as Chapter.

Remember that during the Ceremony of the Third Degree you were told that something very important was lost – the genuine secrets of a Master Mason.

It is, of course, a common experience that something that has been lost is found to the great relief of those who had suffered the loss.

You may complete your Masonic experience only by discovering how the genuine secrets were found and you can do that only in the Royal Arch.

At your Lodge meetings, in the bar and over the dinner table you will hear snatches of conversation about Chapter and you will have seen members of your Lodge wearing a special jewel, which is always pinned closest to the centre of the body.

But, you will find it difficult to get a clear picture in your mind of what Chapter is all about.

The Province has launched a presentation in the form of a short play entitled A Dialogue with the Royal Arch, which is designed to give a clearer explanation of the Royal Arch.

The presentation lasts about 20-25 minutes; its two pilot performances at Edgware Lodge, No.3866 and Ickenham Lodge, No.5770 were enthusiastically received and the Provincial Executive has given its blessing to the team led by W Bro Alan Peters PGPurs extending its remit to deliver performances to Lodges throughout the Province.

This can provide a threefold benefit to a Lodge which hosts the presentation.

• It will provide an interesting alternative to a meeting, either as an extra item, or as the main business of a meeting.

• It will support the role of the Royal Arch Representative in the Lodge and guide those in the Lodge who are not yet Royal Arch Masons to the completion of their experience in pure ancient Freemasonry.

• It will provide an opportunity for the Lodge to invite other Lodges at the same Centre to join them as visitors and provide a more lively atmosphere in the temple and at the festive board.

All in all, an all-round win for the Lodges and the brethren attending.

If your Lodge would like to seize the opportunity of doing something different for a meeting, all it needs is a call from the Lodge Secretary, Director of Ceremonies or Royal Arch Representative to the Provincial Office to set the wheels in motion.

Come on, brethren, what do you have to lose ?

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