The Journey To The East

W. Bro Kishan Y Teli with W, Bro Yogesh Teli (father) and W. Bro Ragen Amin (father-in-law)
W. Bro Kishan Y Teli with W, Bro Yogesh Teli (father) and W. Bro Ragen Amin (father-in-law)

Family and friends are two of the bedrocks that support Masonry, and Hundred of Gore Lodge No 8314 has taken that to heart with numerous connections between the Brethren and also large numbers of guests at Lodge meetings attesting to the friendliness and harmony of the Brethren.

The recent installation meeting of WM elect Bro. Kishan Teli reinforced the Lodge’s principles. Bro. Kishan had the privilege of being initiated into freemasonry in 2017 by his father, W. Bro. Yogesh Teli, in a ceremony witnessed by Very W. Bro. Barry Cramer PGSwdB, who was Assistant Provincial Grand Master at the time. Little more than five years later, Bro. Kishan was installed as Worshipful Master of the Lodge, again with his father W. Bro. Yogesh performing the ceremony as acting Worshipful Master.

‘I am proud to have initiated my son into masonry but even more proud to have watched his journey and eventually install him as Worshipful Master of Hundred of Gore Lodge’ said W. Bro. Yogesh.

The Lodge, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022 (two years later than planned due to Covid), is very friendly and family oriented. This is highlighted by the 17 guests who attended the installation meeting and the number of family connections among the Lodge Brethren.

The Firm

These are some of the familial relationships within the Lodge;

W. Bro David Robinson is the father of W. Bro Andrew Robinson.

W. Bro Dennis O’Sullivan is the grandfather of Bro Craig May and Bro Courtney May.

Bro Mahendra Solankee is the father of, Bro. Jinesh Solankee.

W. Bro Yogesh Teli is father of W. Bro. Kishan Teli and also father-in-law of Bro. Keval Parekh.

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