Temple of Athene – Lectures & Lecturers

Please contact Ron Selby if you require further information regarding the Lectures. The lecturer should then be contacted directly to find out if they are available.

The Lecturer may ask for costs to defray travelling expenses, though no charge is made for the Lecture.

The speaker usually asks for the charity collection to go to the charity of his choice, arrangements regarding this and dining should be made with the Secretary of your Lodge/Chapter.

W.Bro. Ron Selby, PPrGReg, SLGR,
2 Ashley Close,
Welwyn Garden City,
Tel:01707 338425
Email: irselby@virginmedia.com

Set out below is a list of members who are available for lectures together with subject material. In certain cases a précis of the lecture is also available.

Seth Belson

“Thomas Becket: The Origin of Hiram Abiff?”

“Freemasonry and the Vichy Regime in France, 1940 – 1944”.
The lecture will be accompanied by the screening of a unique film from the period.

Fred Berdach

“Origins of Early Freemasonry”

“The Reich and the Craft”: Germany 1737 through the Hitler years and onwards

“Ethics & Morals in Freemasonry”: applying our ancient teachings to the 21st century

“Haydn” another Mason and composer

Dr. Ric Berman

“The Huguenots” John Desaguliers and Early 18th Century English Freemasonry.

“Politics, Masonry & India” A Short Note on Politics, Masonry & India in Victorian England.

“Alexander Pope” Universally recognised as a Freemason; an examination of the facts and a remarkable conclusion

‘Schism’ – the 1751 Split in Freemasonry.

Andrew Farleigh

“Witchcraft, the Occult, and Freemasonry”

“The Origins and Customs of the Festive Board”

All talks with PowerPoint presentation.

Brian Fisher

“Rods, Wands and Staffs of Office” Includes demonstration which will require assistance of D of C.

Talks to Chapters only due to “protocol issues” when visiting in the Province.

Mike Karn

“The Essenes”: did this ancient cult influence our early Brethren?

“Mozart, the Man, the Mason and his Music”. With suitable recorded accompaniment.

“The Wickedest Man in the World” The life and story of Aleister Crowley – A Freemason

“Freemasonry in Middx During the Great War”.

All talks with PowerPoint presentation.

Dr. Mike Kearsley

“The Roberto Calvi Affair” – a Masonic scandal?

“Sir John Soane: Architect and Freemason”

“1814 – Consolidation and Change”

All talks with PowerPoint presentation.

George Laverick

“St Albans Cathedral – the next Chapter” – The Victorian restoration of Britain’s oldest religious site and some of the Freemasons who assisted in the work.

Laurie Leapman

“The Raj & the Craft” a light hearted history of Masonry in India 1600-1948

Elkan Levy

“Brotherhood in Conflict – Freemasonry in the American Civil War”

“Red, Blue, and Gold – the Recipe for Royal Arch Fudge” or “One Grand Lodge or two?” The English aristocrat and the Irish wine merchant.

In England from time to time. If a lodge has a lot of forward notice it might be possible to tie the two together.

Dr. Peter Marshall

“Freemasonry in the Balkans”. – Enlightenment, Radicalism, Revolution, and Nation Building: 1721-1935.

Spends a lot of time abroad, so would need plenty of notice.

Alan L. Orchover

“Who Slipped What on the Third Degree” – An examination of the third degree from an historical perspective

“A Degree of Passing Interest.”
Some thoughts on unusual aspects of the Second Degree.

“Jean Sibelius” – Composer and Freemason of the 20th Century

“A Degree of Passing Interest.” – Some thoughts on unusual aspects of the Second Degree

Ron Selby

“The Foundation Stone” – our last surviving link with the operative Mason. The myths & facts behind the symbolism.

“A History of Masonic Dining” – a look at the customs and traditions of the Festive board and the history behind them

“Freemasonry in the Early Days of Photography” – A kaleidoscope of pictures and facts.

All talks with PowerPoint presentation.

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