Spotlight on Hugh Saville – Provincial Almoner

COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for us all to stand up and support our family, friends and neighbours and it’s fair to say the Province and Middlesex Masons have seized that opportunity.

As Provincial Almoner, Hugh Saville sees potential for increasing demands for support from Masons as the financial impact begins to bite.

From his background in the oil and gas industry, which has seen him travel the world, and his family and personal life, the latest ‘In the Spotlight…’ interview covers Hugh’s Masonic career before focusing on how the role of the Almoner assists the welfare of Masons in Middlesex in times of need.

He also issues a plea for Lodges and Chapters to assist their Almoners in looking out for each other, including how some Lodges have put in place a ‘buddy’ system to support each other.

Also available to view HERE

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