The wisdom of Solomon – in your pocket

Solomon is the online resource that delivers your daily advancement in masonic knowledge, packed with material designed for everyone to learn more about Freemasonry, from a virtual walk through the layout of a Lodge room to quizzes on topics such as the Jewels worn by the Officers.

Established by the United Grand Lodge of England, Solomon is fun, interactive and useful – no matter how much or little experience you have, you will always find something to educate and entertain.

Now, Solomon is going mobile with the launch of access through your phone or tablet, via the QR code below. Using the code is simple – once you have downloaded a QR reader from your mobile’s App store, capture the black and white graphic image below on your camera and you will be taken straight to the Solomon site. There, you can browse as a guest or register to see all the content available on the platform.

For those who have not yet used Solomon, it is a fabulous resource designed for everyday use. It covers all the degrees in Freemasonry, provides guidance in areas such as the role of the mentor, details the history of Masonry and much more. Many Lodges and Chapters use Solomon to add fun and education to their meetings, whether in person (when we can) or virtually.

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