Middlesex Rag Man – Part 2

Bro Hailes Seraphin’s Donation – Scrubs washed and ready to go – Scrubs arrive at Hammersmith Hospital

W Bro Matt Erratt has provided an important update on his involvement with the Scrubs Glorious Scrubs team.

The original story was reported in Middlesex Media on the 27th April (pglm.org.uk/scrubs-material-appeal/).

Bro Matt made an appeal at that time for other Middlesex Masons to support him in the supply of materials for a group of volunteers making scrubs for the NHS.

These scrubs have been very well received by staff at hospitals and medical practices.

His own involvement has been in logistics by supplying material to hubs for despatch to the machinists who would fashion the material into the final product and then forward to delivery to hospitals in need.

The cavalry has arrived –

Bro Jason’s fabric made into a set of Scrubs

Having made the appeal in Middlesex Media two Brethren from the Province came forward; Bro Jason Gerrard of Sudbury Lodge, No. 4529 and Bro Hailes Seraphin of Featherstone Lodge, No. 7851.

Bro Jason donated rolls of fabric which could be made into sets of scrubs.

The fabric was shipped direct from Portugal and has now been made into scrubs which are being worn by Doctors and Nurses in local hospitals.

Bro Hailes donated fabric and sewing thread.

Although he was self isolating, arrangements had been made for the material donation to be picked up from his home.

Success breeds success –

The involvement of Middlesex Freemasons is gratifying and it is good to see that the generosity of the Brethren involved contributes to an even wider scheme involving the business community as well as other individuals in the public domain.

For example, Noah Evans, the 11 year old son of Chris Evans (Virgin Radio presenter), heard of Scrubs Glorious Scrubs work and started a ‘Just Giving’ page to raise money.

This he did by constructing a camp in his back garden and sleeping in it for 28 days.

During the time spent living and sleeping in the garden he managed to raise over £121,000 for the group.

An amazing achievement considering his initial target was £2,000.

Things then started to escalate in a grand scale and many showbiz personalities including TV presenter Holly Willoughby, Rod Stewart and Chris Evans have donated various items for auction and over £1.2m has been realised.

£1m will be given to Scrubs Glorious Scrubs and the balance distributed among other UK Charities.

The critical thing here is that Middlesex Masons have been a part of this great endeavour and they are a credit to the Province.

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