Rag Man Runs Ragged In Middlesex

Series 1/ Episode 5 –

W Bro Matt Erratt and volunteer Driver Sarah deliver to Northwick Park Hospital

There is no holding back W Bro Matt Erratt PProvSGD, as he rampages around the south organising scrubs and children’s pyjama deliveries to hospitals as part of the charitable work he is doing with Scrubs Glorious Scrubs.

Middlesex Media has reported on the progress he has made with the Charity and since our first report Matt has been able to make some of his work more Middlesex focussed. https://pglm.org.uk/scrubs-material-appeal/

A short while ago through the synergies of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Jim Mitchell and the News Editor of the Media Team, pyjamas and medical scrubs were donated to West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth. https://pglm.org.uk/scrubs-material-appeal-update-4/

This initiative has now extended to Northwick Park Hospital where 102 sets of scrubs and 23 sets of the exclusive Noah Rainbow Pyjamas were delivered.

W Bro Matt stated that this is particularly special to him, as it is a stone’s throw from the Harrow Masonic Centre where his Mother Lodge, Electron Lodge, No. 7527, meets and where his masonic career began.

This is good news for the Province and will surely give Middlesex Freemasonry a greater recognition and appreciation of the many works being undertaken at a very difficult time.

Well Done Matt. We are not ready for the series finale just yet. Keep running ragged.

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