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More from the Middlesex Rag Man –

W Bro Jim Wade PPrJGW

The Media Team has recently presented reports from W Bro Matt Erratt about his fantastic charitable work in lockdown.

We have affectionately called him “The Middlesex Rag Man,” as his efforts have been channelled into the provision of scrubs for NHS hospitals and Surgeries.

Indeed, he has extended the involvement, which now includes the supply of pyjamas to children’s wards in hospitals (

Even with the lifting of some restrictions this does not mean there is not a need and our Middlesex charitable involvement continues.

Masonic Synergy –

A short while ago the West Middlesex Hospital Charity Trust in Isleworth were donated 8 Samsung TAB A Tablets presented by W Bro Jim Mitchell, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, on behalf of the Province and the MCF and UGLE to Gemma Brown of the Trust.

These were very well received. (

As a result of this Masonic contact with the hospital, an introduction was made to Scrubs Glorious Scrubs who have now supplied a batch of pyjamas and other garments and material.

(top left) Gemma Brown (R) and Colleague and a selection of gowns & toys

Situation Vacant –

As the Scrubs and Pyjamas initiative expands, another Middlesex Mason has joined the team.

W Bro Jim Wade PPrJGW, of Albert Duke of York Lodge, No. 4970 & Prince Michael of Kent Lodge, No. 9120 is now a volunteer driver delivering Scrubs and children’s pyjamas across the community and also within the Province.

Jim has just delivered into the children’s care unit at the West Middlesex Hospital the following items:

• 22 Sets of Children’s Pyjamas
• 23 Sets of Children’s Theatre Gowns
• 50 Face Masks
• 5 Toys
• 6 Scrub Bags with Crayons for the children to colour in and present to a nurse.
• 9 Sets of Noah Rainbow Scrubs for the staff
• 30 Sets of Normal Colourful Scrubs for the staff.

These were accepted by Gemma Brown on behalf of the hospital (see photos).

This shows great opportunities to widen the Masonic Charitable reach within the Province.

So, it’s well done Matt and Jim.

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