Prince Michael of Kent Chapter

The Prince Michael of Kent Chapter is the Middlesex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter and is primarily for the association of Provincial Grand Officers present and past, who have served the office of Provincial Grand Steward of the Royal Arch in the Province of Middlesex.

It was consecrated on 19 February 1991 and named after HRH Prince Michael of Kent in the same way that the corresponding Lodge for Craft Stewards was named after him, as he was and is the Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex Province of Craft masonry. Just like the Lodge, he gave permission for the use of his Coat of Arms. Prince Michael accepted honorary membership of the Chapter from the consecration of the Chapter.

Members of Prince Michael of Kent Chapter can be seen about the Province often wearing the Chapter tie, which can be worn at any Chapter within the Province and also by those Officers of the Chapter when making visits to other Provincial Grand Stewards Chapters most often around the South East.

Chapter Stewards assist the Royal Arch Province in the smooth running of events as well as accompanying members of the Royal Arch Executive on their official visits around the Chapters in the Province. Most notably is their participation in the Annual Royal Arch Convocation and the Annual Service of Thanksgiving.

The Chapter meets twice a year, once in November when it holds its Installation Meeting and the other in June when included in the meeting is a talk on a subject of interest.

Most importantly it is a place where the Royal Arch Stewards are able to get together and enjoy each other’s company both during the meetings and the Festive Board after.