Royal Arch Mentoring Scheme

Royal Arch Representative

The Supreme Grand Chapter has produced a comprehensive guidance for Royal Arch representatives in Craft Lodges. It can be found under website.

The website contains details concerning where to obtain information about the Royal Arch and when would be the most suitable time for a new Mason to join, including all the booklets and leaflets of information.

Please draw the attention of these notes to the Royal Arch Representative in your Lodge.

Should you wish for additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Andrew P Elliot PAGDC
Provincial Grand Mentor

Royal Arch Mentoring Scheme

The Mentoring scheme was established in the Province of Middlesex in 2007. The published guide for Craft Masonry consisted of four booklets, 1, Guidance Notes for the Mentor, 2, The Entered Apprentice, 3, The Fellowcraft, 4, The Master Mason. For the Holy Royal Arch a booklet was published and distributed for the retain. Extra copies being available from the Provincial Office on request.

The medium of Mentoring is used widely in this day and age by National and Local governments, businesses both commercial and professional as well as in education and training. Supreme Grand Chapter, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Middlesex and The Provincial Executive wish every new Royal Arch Mason to benefit from Mentoring.

The early years of a Royal Arch Mason can be very bewildering; some drop out never really knowing what The Holy Royal Arch is all about. Effective mentoring should mean that if an Exaltee does resign, it is not through lack of understanding or support.

Each chapter may have one or more Mentors, depending on the number of exaltees and the strength of the chapter. He may be the Proposer or Seconder of the exaltee, but he should be senior in Masonic experience, knowledgeable, motivated, friendly and approachable. Above all he should be a dedicated Royal Arch Mason, willing to assist his charge and help him through the early years of his Royal Arch career and beyond.

The booklet does not seek to supersede any procedure already in existence in the chapter but is provided in the hope that it will enhance and expand the welcome given to the new Companion. It is to be hoped that the Royal Arch in general and the Supreme Grand Chapter of Middlesex in particular has been strengthened by a new Companion who has a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the degree he has joined.