Royal Arch Honours At St Clair Chapter 2902

E. Comp Sam Adjorlolo and E Comp Stan Marut PPrAGSoj E. Comp Sam Adjorlolo and E Comp Stan Marut PPrAGSoj

Saturday the 16th March was the 3rd Convocation of St Clair Chapter No 2902 in the current masonic year. Two of the Chapter members are to be honoured at the Provincial Royal Arch Annual Convocation in June. E. Comp Sam Adjorlo receives a first appointment to PPrGStdB and E. Comp Stan Marut is to be promoted to PPrGReg.

Charity First

One of the important aspects of our Royal Arch freemasonry is to consider charity and how Alms collected can best serve the community. E. Comp Stan Marut is the Charity Steward of St Clair Chapter and invited the Companions to consider three good causes. Firstly, he explained the amazing work carried out by the TLC Charity in Middlesex in supporting small children in distress when admitted to hospital. To this end a Notice of Motion was given to support the TLC in the Province by signing up for Patron status which would guarantee a donation of £50 per year for five years. Secondly, a proposition was made to support the MMSA and especially the WheelPower event which would take place later in 2024. Last, but not least, the Charity Steward asked the Companions to support the work of E. Companion Sam Adjorlolo who is a founding trustee of a Charity registered in England which provides educational facilities for youngsters in his home area in Ghana. The aims are to develop children at a young age so that they will be prepared academically for later school years as well as developing emotional, social and cognitive skills as they move forward into adult life.

E. Comp Sam in Ghana E. Comp Sam in Ghana

The Companions agreed to donate the sum of £200 to the Charity Atorkor Development Foundation. This small amount would have greater spending power in Ghana and can provide accommodation for two teachers for one year. This facility would be provided free of charge in the first year to a teacher and would be an inducement in the charity’s recruitment plans- (see also

Linking Lodge And Chapter

Another important matter discussed was the linking of Chapter and Lodge meeting dates. Both units meet on a Saturday at Twickenham. By changing a few of these dates, it would be possible to have the Chapter and Lodge meetings on the same day for some meetings. This was hoped to encourage those who were not yet members of the Royal Arch to consider joining the Chapter. Also, this could have the beneficial effect of increasing attendances at both Lodge and Chapter. A number of Brethren and Companions live at a distance including Hampshire, East Sussex, Devon and Gloucestershire and with the burden of ULEZ payments for those having non-compliant vehicles this would reduce the cost of travel to the Centre.

St Clair Chapter No 2902 meets on a Saturday at Twickenham in September, November and March. A Saturday meeting may suit those who have busy schedules during the week. For more details please e mail Scribe E, E. Comp Keith Mates at

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