Resumption of meetings at Cole Court – Guidance – Aug 2020

A message from Peter Hyde, Chairman of the Board of Directors, together with Health and Safety Guidance notes for all users of Cole Court.


As you know the last four months have been particularly difficult for all of us as Members of Masonic units, these unprecedented times are extraordinary, the likes of which we have never experienced before, and hopefully never have to experience again.

Twickenham Masonic Centre will open for business again on Tuesday 1st September and all units are welcome to meet on their usual allocated days, alas with the current guidelines of the Government, and UGLE, we will all have to adhere to subtle changes in the interests of safety.

First and foremost is the mandatory requirement to book with TDMC for each meeting – even if it is your regular meeting date.

Due to essential social distancing Lodge Room capacities are now restricted, it is therefore essential that Secretaries and Scribes notify the Centre of the numbers attending no later than four days before the meeting; the Lodge Room and associated entrance to be used will be allocated two days before the meeting.

UGLE have stated there can be no organised Festive Boards following Meetings, however, there is no ban on Masonic Centres serving food, or drink.

We will therefore serve food and drink according to government guidelines, to individual Masons who sit singly, or in groups of no more than two households, or support bubbles (6 people if outside).

We plan a choice of three meals, ordered and paid for by individuals only.

Brethren, I am sure you will all agree we all would like to see this pandemic over as soon as possible, sadly no one can guarantee when this might be, in the meantime the Board will continue to work with you to promote income into our Centre so as to keep it viable for the long term.

We thank you in advance for your continued support of the TDMC Centre and look forward to your custom again real soon.

Please see below Health and Safety Guidance for ALL members (and Visitors) so they are properly briefed prior their next visit to Cole Court.

With fraternal regards and best wishes

Peter Hyde

Health & Safety Guidance for those going to Cole Court

*Please note that this guidance note must be distributed to, and read by, all intending to visit Cole Court until further notice*

It is essential that the following rules are observed to ensure the health and safety of all with the re-opening of Cole Court and the pandemic.

The success of the Centre reopening for business will be very dependent on everyone making sensible decisions about whether they should attend.

If you feel in any way unwell you should stay at home and must not come into Cole Court.

It is a legal requirement that you must wear a face covering when you enter and move around the building.

You can remove your face covering when you are seated to eat or drink.

We thank you in advance for making the correct decision to protect yourself and everyone else during this time of heightened risk of infection.

•  To optimize the opportunity for social distancing, entry and exit will be via one of three entrances.

You will be informed by the Secretary which one you are to use.

Secretaries will notify the Centre of the numbers attending no later than four days before the meeting; the Lodge Room and associated entrance to be used will be allocated two days before the meeting.

• Lodge meeting start times may be staggered

Secretaries are required to provide to the Centre the name and contact phone number of all attendees. This information will be used solely for NHS Test and Trace requirements.

• Sanitizing stations will be available at the main areas of footfall and other strategic locations. Please sanitize regularly and be mindful of social distancing when moving through the building.

• In the event of congestion everyone will be required to form a queue, observing social distancing

• In the Lodge Room you are required to use your chair as your robing area. (THE ROBING/ANTE ROOMS ARE NOT TO BE USED). Appropriate seating will be marked or laid out according to social distancing and your seat and the immediate area around it is, effectively, your ”zone” for the meeting.

• Coats, bags and cases may be stored under or behind your chair during the meeting.

• All Masonic regalia must be your own. For the avoidance of doubt Cole Court will not be providing any regalia/equipment.

• At the end of the meeting please leave the room without delay; exit the same way you came into the building. The room will be closed for cleaning prior to the next use.

• Staircases are too narrow to pass safely so please wait for those heading in the opposite direction to clear the staircase.

• When using the washroom facilities, please avoid overcrowding by forming a socially distanced queue outside if they become congested. The number of urinals has been reduced to allow social distancing. You must wash your hands before leaving the washroom facilities.

• Festive Boards are not permitted at this time.

• Cole Court will offer to individual Masons a bar and restaurant service following their meetings.

• For drinks in the bar you are required to find a seat and wait to be served. A maximum of two households are to be seated at any one table

• Booking forms for meals will be available for individual Masons to choose and book for what they want and to pay for it themselves at time of ordering. This must be done no later than 4 days in advance. NB Only two households are able to be sat together.

• Dining Rooms will be laid out to comply with government rules.


By following the guidance above we hope visitors will be able to meet and enjoy themselves in a safe and comfortable environment.

Cole Court management is following current guidelines which are subject to variation without notice, we are grateful for your cooperation.

Download a copy of the Guidelines HERE

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