Mentoring – Booklets & Aids


A set of booklets is available, via the Provincial Office, for presentation within the lodge to every new member as he takes his initial steps in masonry, covering:

Mentoring Booklets

Mentoring Booklets

• Introduction and Guidance Notes
• The Entered Apprentice
• The Fellow Craft
• The Master Mason

The Mentoring Scheme Programme currently holds an annual Provincial Mentoring Seminar in the autumn. The seminars take the form of a short presentation followed by open discussions / workshops on general mentoring matters and provide a useful forum for new and existing mentors (Lodge and Personal) to share their ideas, experiences and concerns.

In addition, a number of books on Mentoring which might be of interest, have been published and the United Grand Lodge of England has their own dedicated mentoring website which contains a wealth of information.

Above all, it is the commitment of every lodge member to making masonry fun and enjoyable for all.

The Charge after Initiation contains a clear statement of our basic precepts and regulations, so why not print off a copy and present it to a new initiate, following his Initiation ?

The contents are unrestricted and could be very helpful to any new Member when he is discussing his membership with family and friends.

Charge after Initiation

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