Sympathetic mentoring is and will always be a vital aspect of freemasonry, with its primary objective being to ensure that all members, and particularly new members, enjoy their membership to the fullest.

Obviously, all members will have varying levels of family, social and work commitments which can impact on the time available for masonic activities and it is the role of the mentor to ensure that these are recognised within the lodge.

Ensuring that all new members have fun and enjoy their membership will have a major impact on their long term commitment and increase the likelihood of them recommending their friends to join.


Within the Province of Middlesex, the Lodge Mentoring Programme operates under the executive direction of an Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

Our Provincial Grand Mentor, David Harvey and his team of Centre Mentor representatives are there to actively offer support, guidance and assistance to the Lodge Mentors and Personal Mentors that perform this most important role.

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The Charge after Initiation contains a clear statement of our basic precepts and regulations, so why not print off a copy and present it to a new initiate, following his Initiation ?

The contents are unrestricted and could be very helpful to any new Member when he is discussing his membership with family and friends.

Charge after Initiation