Provincial Royal Arch Pin

Companions of the Holy Royal Arch in the Province of Middlesex will be pleased to view the new Royal Arch pin which, not only being a splendid adornment, signifies membership of the Holy Royal Arch and can proudly be worn to attract interest in the Order.

There are multiple pins available for the different Orders, so it is gratifying to see one that this is particular to Middlesex and Provincial Grand Chapter.

These are available from the Provincial Office at Twickenham at only £5.

The Holy Royal Arch is the next step in Freemasonry and members of the Craft who wish to discover this colourful degree should check the following link –

The Royal Arch leads the candidate from the practical to the spiritual and completes “pure ancient masonry”; a fascinating journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery beginning with the Entered Apprentice degree and culminating in the First Principal’s chair of the Chapter”.

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