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– Making Charitable Giving Easy
Media Team News Editor W Bro Stan Marut PPrJGD considers the new way of giving.

Almost a year ago the Masonic Charitable Foundation introduced Digital Donations which would make giving Alms to Lodge and Chapter Relief Chests as easy as pie.

This new system would allow donations to be given from the comfort of your armchair at home and would save on time collecting envelopes in the Temple and the labour of paying in at the bank and posting off the Gift Aid envelope slips with a cheque to the Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

Any tech savvy freemason would be able to “zap” the QR code using a QR Code reader on their phone and link into a particular Relief Chest.

A field will then open giving an opportunity to make a donation of whatever amount and would also allow those paying tax to add the Gift Aid percentage thus boosting the Lodge/Chapter Relief Chest coffers.

It is so simple and shows how digital technology is making life easier for us all in general and Charity Stewards in particular.

For a fuller explanation of how it works and the apparent benefits please click on the link –


Envelope collections may become a thing of the past and there will no excuse for not having cash available.

However, there will be a residue of members who like the status quo, but if we are to progress then we should all embrace this.

The ability to make donations online is one thing, but Charity Stewards will also be able to make donations through the Relief Chest Scheme to Provincial Festivals and individual registered Charities without recourse to the green slips with which they will be familiar.

This also can be done online with great ease.

It simply requires the verification of details and a further check by another Officer of the Lodge via e mail to verify the donation being made.


Many Lodges Secretaries and Chapter Scribes have now taken to including the QR code particular to their masonic unit’s Relief Chest on the Summons.

Just “zap” the code and even if you are unable to attend a meeting your online donation will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.

Equally, this will allow us as Middlesex Masons to cheerfully embrace the opportunity of practising that virtue which we have professed to admire.

Once you have accessed the Relief Chest via the QR code, you can then save the link to your Smartphone home screen.

Ask your unit Charity Steward for the code if not already received.

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