PSA Testing – January 2022

Important Notice For Middlesex Brethren

Many will know of Brethren who have suffered the ravages of Prostate Cancer.

Lodges and Chapters in the Province may have supported charities who research into possible cures to ameliorate the worst effects as well providing counselling to sufferers and their families.

However, perhaps one of the most important considerations is to be aware and if there is any indication that a person may have symptoms which point a prostate condition, then it is essential that testing is carried out by way of a PSA test to ensure that a firm diagnosis and prognosis can be given.

To this end the Province of Middlesex has engaged the services of the charity CHAPS to carry out PSA testing at the centres shown below to be undertaken in January 2022 on the following dates:

Twickenham District Masonic Centre (Cole Court) – Saturday 8th January 2022 between 9.30am and 1.30pm

Harrow District Masonic Centre – Saturday 15th January 2022 between 9.30am and 1.30pm.

The tests are at no cost to Brethren and Companions of Middlesex. However, on the day an opportunity will be available for individuals to make donations to the charity to support their essential work in the area of Men’s health.

Further details will be provided shortly and advice on how to book your appointment for the test.

Essentially the test will be available for Brethren aged 40 or over.

In the meantime, please make a note of the above dates in your diary.

This could be the most important appointment you make in your life.

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