Provincial Service of Thanksgiving 2019 – Guildford – Sunday 27th October

Sunday 27th October – 3.00pm

The Annual Service of Thanksgiving will this year be held at Guildford Cathedral, located just South West of Guildford, directly off the A3 and is well sign-posted. The full address is: Stag Hill, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7UP. (Click to open Google Map)

The Service is one of the most important events in the Provincial social calendar. It is an enjoyable occasion, being a mixture of colourful pageantry, wonderful music, singing, a good speaker and the opportunity of meeting together with fellow members of our Province and their families.

May I suggest that you take the opportunity to make up a party and lunch before or after in a pub or restaurant in Guildford, or the surrounding villages.

The Refectory, close to the the main Cathedral building, will be open for those requiring snacks or drinks before or after the service.

As always we warmly welcome our ladies and other family members.

In addition please remember that the service is an event where we have the chance to invite non-masonic ladies and gentlemen friends; and is an occasion where we are on display to the public and have the opportunity to show our pride in membership of such a wonderful organisation.

Brethren attending the Service should wear Craft, or Royal Arch regalia, Provincial tie (no gloves).

Provincial Grand Lodge Officers should wear full dress regalia if possible.

As there is no area to store cases, it is suggested that a small plastic bag is used to carry regalia and that Brethren robe within the Cathedral on arrival.

To assist with the planning of this major event, it would be helpful if you could indicate whether you are proposing to attend and whether you will be accompanied by completing the online registration form HERE

No tickets will be issued this year – those attending should sit anywhere that is available within the Cathedral other than in a reserved area.

Even if you have not previously registered your intention to attend, please come along in any event, as the Cathedral has plenty of capacity.

Officers of Grand Lodge and Active Provincial Grand Lodge Officers of the year will receive a personal invitation and there will be reserved seating for their use. They should not be included in your list of those attending unless they do not wish to be seated in the reserved area.

Car parking in the Cathedral grounds is adequate. However, bad weather conditions before the day may reduce the area of soft surface parking and Brethren are advised to allow for locating alternative parking near the University.

To reduce the amount of parking required, Brethren are also asked to travel together where possible.

There will be an area available for disabled Brethren, for which they should request a parking ticket.

It is the wish of the Pro Provincial Grand Master that all Brethren are encouraged to attend this most important event, and your duty in ensuring that all the members of your Lodge are given the opportunity to attend cannot be over-emphasised.

After the Service, please also join us at the Celebration Dinner, which will be held at The Masonic Centre, Weybourne House, Hitherbury Close, Guildford, GU2 4DR. Please click on this link to book.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally,

Martin Kemble

W.Bro. Martin Kemble

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