New Updated History of The Province – Available Now to Read During the Lockdown !

This new pictorial book giving the history of the Province of Middlesex from 1870 to 2020 is now available, and in the wake of the coronavirus lock-down you may wish to order a postal copy now, as you have more time to read it whilst lodge meetings are suspended !

Postal copies are available, at the bargain price of £5 plus £2.50 postage – from John Briggs:-


Please provide your name and postal address.

Payment may be made, either by cheque for £7.50 made out to “PGL Middlesex” and sent to John at Mississauga, Bourne End Lane, Bourne End , Hertfordshire, HP1 2RL, with your order,

or by bank transfer to the PGL Middlesex Account No: 43091414, Sort Code: 20-92-60, Reference: Surname and Initial (Please confirm by email when the transfer has been made).

Copies will also be available at our Centres and all Provincial events throughout the year as soon as things return to normal !

The author, Ron Selby, has written an update of Middlesex Matters by Allan Beaver, published in 1995, which recorded the history of our first 125 years of the Province.

There are chapters on such aspects of the Province as:-

– The Middlesex Masonic Sports Association

– Middlesex Grand Family Fetes

– Annual Thanksgiving Services

– our Centres

– specialist Lodges

– Festivals

– Remembrance Services

– The Provincial Grand Officers’ Club.

The new book will have many photos of those Provincial events.

It is available to Middlesex Masons at the bargain price of £5.

Middlesex 150 by Ron Selby –

In June 2017, I was approached by the Executive to write a book about all the Lodges in the Province, their history and, more importantly, things of interest in the Province in the last 25 years.

The last book of this kind was ‘Masonic Lodges of Middlesex – Their Origins and Names’ inspired by Leslie Wilson and Stanley Lyle and written by the lodge secretary of every lodge in the Province.

After some brainstorming and a false start, or two, I was invited to write a book on the history of the Province, to be published in conjunction with the 150th anniversary, to update the Province’s history and the excellent volume ‘Middlesex Matters’ written by the late Allan Beaver, a fellow member of Temple of Athene Lodge, to mark our Province’s latest milestone.

David Allan, who had been asked to be the project’s editor, suggested a more pictorial volume and to concentrate on the Province’s development over the past 25 years, and to cover aspects that Allan’s book did not.

Being the Secretary of Temple of Athene, Lodge No. 9541, the research lodge of the Province of Middlesex and a published author, I was an ‘obvious target’ to be approached to do the job.

The book took 18 months to compile and write.

I approached numerous Brethren in the Province for information, photographs and ideas on what members would like to see in the book.

David Allan proved a hard taskmaster, but I could not argue with his expertise in the field of publishing, typically he took out items I thought he would like, and asked me to develop ideas I thought he would edit !

Paul Huggins and David thought it might be a good idea for me to write something about the book to go on the Provincial website.

Well, I have to say I have enjoyed putting my stamp on our Province’s history.

I thank those who have helped me put it together.

I believe there is something in the book for every mason who meets in the Province of Middlesex.

Whilst writing the book I have met many Middlesex masons and learnt much about our history and the individuals who have made the Province we are all so proud of.

I hope that you enjoy this update of the last 25 years of our Province’s history.

Much has happened in the Province which reflects the changing face of society, communications and freemasonry.

So brethren and companions, when we come out of ‘lockdown’ please pick up a copy of Middlesex 150 at your Masonic Centre.

There are plenty of facts and stories on Royal Arch as well as stories of the Craft and other Degrees operating in the Province.

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