Post Lockdown Touchdown

Eager to meet after the imposed “exile” of Corona Virus, three Lodges met at both Harrow and Twickenham and this is a brief report of activities.

Brent Valley Lodge, No. 3940 –

Brent Valley Lodge, No. 3940 had its first meeting since the suspension at Twickenham on the 7th September.

The Lodge Secretary, W Bro Martin Mellamphy reported that everything was clear in the procedures at Cole Court.

The Temple too was laid out clearly to avoid any doubt as to where to sit

It was a strange meeting he said, taking just over an hour.

However, Brethren who attended stayed for a drink outside and judging by the chat and smiles everyone was glad to see each other again.

All in all, a successful meeting.

Greenhill Lodge, No. 6981 –

Meeting for the first time since lockdown, the Brethren of Greenhill Lodge arrived at the Harrow Masonic Centre where they were greeted.

They were asked for Name, Lodge and Number as well as a contact telephone number.

Face masks were de rigeur and all Brethren had their temperature taken with a hand held device.

After the completion of these procedures they were instructed as to which Temple they should head for.

In the Temple the seating arrangements allowed for social distancing. However, only ten Brethren of the Lodge attended on the evening so crowding was not an issue.

The regular Lodge business was attended to with the Worshipful Master continuing in Office for the ensuing year.

Essentially, the members felt it was good to meet up again.

It was, however, a different experience but possibly something that the members of the Lodge and, indeed, the Province would have to come to terms with for the foreseeable future.

The Hundred Of Gore Lodge, No. 8314 –

Last, but not least, The Hundred of Gore Lodge, No. 8314 held an Emergency Meeting at the Harrow District Masonic Centre on Monday 7th September.

This was to enable elections to be held for Master, Treasurer and Tyler.

The Lodge had been forced to miss the 50th anniversary meeting which would have been held in July.

This they intend to celebrate at the first opportunity.

W Bro Don Morris was returned to the Chair who, as the first Initiate of the Lodge, also celebrated 50 years in the craft.

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