Collared and Jewelled

Member of the Province will surely be aware of the essential work that goes on behind the scenes in relation to the recruitment and retention of suitable candidates to freemasonry and also to the role of communications in promoting Middlesex freemasonry through the media channels.

These two important functions are the responsibility of both the Provincial Membership Officer, W Bro Nigel Harris-Cooksley, and the Provincial Communications Officer, W Bro Daniel Graham in their respective roles.

The Board of General Purposes concluded that these roles were so increasingly important that they justified the creation of the two new formal Offices of Provincial Grand Membership Officer, and Provincial Grand Communications Officer to be invested annually at the Provincial AGM.

The Jewel design for these new Offices is under currently under consideration and a Notice of Motion to amend the Book of Constitutions has been given.

Both W Bros Nigel and Daniel carry on with their current duties, but will now have the additional status of being Provincial Grand Officers in carrying out their tasks.

Provincial Grand Membership Officer –

Nigel Harris-Cooksley ProvJGW

Provincial Grand Membership Officer

The job specification has a high expectation of good standards and leadership.

He will be part of the Provincial Membership Team consisting of W Bro John Leggat PSGD AProvGM and Andrew Elliott PAGSwdB, ProvGMen and the Team Leaders within the Provincial Centres at Twickenham, Uxbridge, Harrow and Southgate.

Essentially the Membership role will help identify, and share, best practice, which is expected to have a positive impact on Candidate growth and retention within the Province of Middlesex.

This means the development of the concept of pro-active recruitment and the provision of the opportunity for men who currently have no masonic connections to discover more about Freemasonry in general.

Provincial Grand Communications Officer

Daniel Graham ProvGStwd

Provincial Grand Communications Officer

Communications is, perhaps, one of the most critical functions of our Province.

Provincial members will be familiar with the Middlesex website and the abundance of news stories and features that are contained therein.

Not only that but it is an important vessel for disseminating news from UGLE and also from the Pro Provincial Grand Master.

During the course of the month news stories appear on the web site and on a regular basis there is a digest of these stories which appear in the Mercury format.

Additionally, these stories appear on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

This is what you see at first glance but there is a whole undercurrent of activity which makes this all possible.

By definition the objectives of the Provincial Grand Communications Officer (PGCO) will be to maintain and improve the public perception of freemasonry and offer effective Public Relations within the Province.

This will be allied with the establishment and development of relationships with communities within the Province and other organisations both locally and nationally.

Additionally, the PGCO will work with UGLE using, where appropriate, their PR and information strategies.

Other responsibilities, as we have seen above, include the publishing of Provincial news, as well as other important items from Grand Lodge, on the website.

Probably an essential role in today’s reliance on social media as a platform for communication is to develop participation and engagement of the Provincial membership in this.

The PGCO will report to the Chairman of the Provincial Communications Committee, W Bro David Allan PSGD PAProvGM.

More recently there has been a highly successful programme of events of masonic interest attended via the Zoom medium featuring the PGO.

He will continue to oversee the work of the News Editorial Team, as well as the Provincial Web Master.

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