An Update from Prince Michael of Kent Court

Prince Michael of Kent Court, Watford – Exteriors

Lodges and Chapters are finally starting to emerge after the pandemic and life is progressing towards a normality at Prince Michael of Kent Court.

In September a tea party was held with a Jazz Band, kindly sponsored by Temple of Athene Lodge, No. 9541.

This was very well received by the residents.

On 6th November it is planned to hold a Guy Fawkes fireworks display which will be sponsored by Lodge of Friendship and Fidelity, No. 7077 (a Metropolitan Lodge meeting at Harrow).

On 24th October a musical afternoon is planned and preparations are in full swing for the upcoming Christmas festivities as well.

Sponsors are being sought for these two events.

If your Lodge or Chapter would like to help, please get in touch with the Association of Friends of PMK Court as soon as possible.

Likewise, sponsors are being sought in order to support the extensive programme of events planned for 2022.

There has been much activity on improving and enhancing the fabric of the home over the past months with an all-weather pod for the residents to enjoy the views of the garden no matter what the English weather decides to throw at them.

The new fitness centre is also nearing completion, as well as the refurbishment of the PMK Home shop.

The management team at PMK Court are hopeful of being able to hold an open day in the foreseeable future so that friends and supporters can view all the improvements which have been made.

Whilst all the residents are currently Covid-free, there are still restrictions on visiting and advance booking is required.

You will need to take a Lateral Flow Test (or provide proof of a recent one) on entry and the wearing of masks and handwashing is mandatory.

There can never be too much support for the Association of Friends and all Masonic Units and individuals, who are not yet registered as supporters can learn more from the Associations website

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