An Update from Prince Michael of Kent Court

Prince Michael of Kent Court, Watford – Exteriors

W Bro David Pearson PProvGSec and member of the Provincial Media Team gives an update on happenings at PMK Court.

Prince Michael of Kent Court (PMKC) is one of 17 residential care homes across England and Wales offering high quality care operated by the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution Care Co. (RMBI).

It is situated in its own grounds in a pleasant residential area of Watford not far from the town centre and Watford Junction station.

The Home has 55 rooms, most with ensuite facilities. It has a large lounge, a conservatory, a hair salon, a bar and a small library.

There’s a fully-serviced kitchen with a chef and catering team providing varied meal options for all dietary needs.

The Home is arranged into five wings, two of which are dedicated to Dementia support. Each wing has its own dining room and lounge.

Outside, there are lovely courtyards and gardens. Ample car parking is provided for visitors.

Helping the Home – Masonic Support –

The Home is supported by Lodges, Chapters, individual Freemasons from Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and London and by the Association of Friends.

The Friends keep up to date all those who support the Home with regular messages, which are particularly helpful during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Association of Friends is an independently registered charity with the following objectives.

Events and Fundraising – Working with the Home Manager and the Activities Team staff, it funds and organises a range of social, leisure and entertainment activities and events for the residents and their families, as well as funding chiropody for the residents.

Resources and Therapy Equipment – In close co-operation with the Home Manager it identifies and contributes to therapy equipment and other items for the benefit of residents, over and above what is provided by the RMBI.

What Money Can’t Buy – Members of the Association of Friends play an important role in providing friendship and comfort to the Home’s residents.

A chat and a smile, a little conversation and a joke bring so much joy, particularly for those residents who have minimal or no contact with relatives.

Members also assist residents wishing to attend Masonic meetings.

Prince Michael of Kent Court, Watford – Interiors

Keeping Covid at Bay –

In its latest message to its supporters the Association has been pleased to report that PMKC has lost no residents to COVID-19, largely thanks to the magnificent efforts of Home manager, Beverley Roberts, and all her staff to ensure the safety of the residents.

All the residents are well and now fully vaccinated.

One of the main reasons there has not been an outbreak of COVID-19 is the hard work, complete care and dedication that is given by the Home Manager, Beverley, Deputy Manager, Nina, and all the staff to all the residents.

The Association of Friends has been doing everything possible under the difficult circumstances of the lockdown to provide the residents with as much enjoyment and attention as it can.

For Valentine’s Day, gifts of chocolates and cards were sent to all the residents and for the Easter weekend the Friends sent Easter eggs and cards to all the residents and staff.

New Tellies for Old –

A new large screen TV for the main lounge has been purchased and some of the residents have commented that, “it’s like being at the cinema”.

The old TV from the main lounge has been relocated to the Forrester Wing.

The Friends’ website has been updated thanks to Bro Ibrahim Eid, who has taken on the role of Webmaster; a remarkable assumption of responsibility by a brother who was Initiated into Think and Thank Lodge, No. 4112 in London as recently as December 2018 and has also taken on the office of Charity Steward for his Lodge.

Friends in Deed –

Some charities have suffered greatly during lockdown, but the 144 Lodges that support PMKC, together with over 100 individual supporters, have been superb in their continued support of The Association of Friends.

There are also three supporting Masonic Associations (not Lodges) and two Lodges where the Friends are unsure of their Province.

Many of the 100 individual supporters are regular volunteers at the Home.

Without the generosity of all these supporters the Friends could not support the residents in the way they do.

Looking forward to the time when it will be possible to re-commence events at PMKC, one of the first will be to have an Open Day for all the supporters.

The Association of Friends hopes that in July it will be able to have the Summer Garden Party and to make it a very special celebration.

Plans will also be made to arrange a programme of events for the rest of 2021 and into the future.

The Association of Friends is in regular contact with the Home and is continuing to provide help through funding additional therapy equipment and other items for the benefit of residents.

There can never be too much support for the Association of Friends and all Masonic Units and individuals, who are not yet registered as supporters can learn more from the Associations website

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