Residents at the Prince Michael of Kent Court Masonic Home have had a lot to bear with the difficulties associated with Covid 19 and the quest to keep them safe and well.

Doug Brodie, Trustee of PMK Court recently gave a report to the Round Table Lodge of Middlesex, No. 8031, who had given a generous donation by way of sponsorship of a musical event at the Home.

Regrettably, this had been put on the back burner for a future occasion.

He continued and stated that the Association of Friends had been unable to arrange events at Prince Michael of Kent Court since the start of the pandemic, but had planned to go ahead with the annual fireworks display in November, which could be done at a safe distance.

Indeed, the event took place on 7th November and was well received by the residents and the staff.

The Association of Friends of PMK Court expressed a thanks to the Brethren of Lodge of Friendship & Fidelity, No. 7077 for sponsoring the event.

Meanwhile the Activities Team had been working hard to provide a schedule of activities for the residents.

Other events at the Home included the provision of a new “safe” visiting room, a new veranda which provided outdoor space during the summer where visits took place under socially distanced guidelines with visits of an appointment basis only.

Not only that but the Association of Friends paid for a new duck house for the Home’s pet duck; aptly called “Duckingham Palace”.

It was hoped that the next project would be a new shop for the residents to be open for the run up to the Christmas period.

HRH Prince Michael of Kent had been due to pay a rescheduled visit to the Home, but it was thought that it was too risky. However, he would hope to participate in a Zoom meeting with the residents very soon.

A Strict Regime –

The Home continues to operate at a high level of alertness and has lost no residents to Covid 19, although one resident tested positive for the virus. Visiting was immediately suspended.

The individual concerned is now safe and well. All residents were retested and all results were negative.

It is gratifying to know that the staff of PMK Court are vigilant and quick to respond.

No doubt that enforcing a “strict regime” has protected those most vulnerable.

Government guidance is now awaited regarding the next steps to follow after lockdown ends on 2nd December.

In the lead up to this staff at the Home will be attending to the visiting arrangements for December and the Christmas period so that residents and their families might be able to get together.

The Home is currently arranging sponsorships for Christmas presents for all the residents and for the annual Christmas Lunch, which, this year will take place at the home.

Hopefully, the generosity of Middlesex Masons will once again know no bounds.

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