PMK Demonstration Team present Third Degree Ceremony – Report

Wednesday 25th January 2017

At the meeting of Sunbury Lodge, No. 1733 on Wednesday 25th January at Staines the Lodge hosted the PMK Lodge Demonstration Team, who demonstrated a Third Degree Ceremony.

Following the opening of the Lodge W.Bro Garry Foley was invited by the WM (W.Bro Keith White) to take the chair.

The WM then asked the Inner Guard to admit the PMK Team who entered the lodge in procession, saluted and took their respective offices.

With W.Bro Matt Neale acting as Candidate W.Bro Foley then conducted the third degree ceremony up to the Exhortation & Charge which was delivered by W.Bro Erle Beale (acting IPM).

On the Candidate’s return the Traditional History was delivered by W.Bro Bill Stanton (acting DC) who had by this time taken the WM’s Chair.

The Third Degree Working Tools were presented by W.Bro Martin Burt (acting JD).

The ceremony was concluded by W.Bro Steve Heynes (acting SW) who presented the Walking Charge.

It was, as you might imagine an excellent ceremony delivered with enthusiasm, experience and a little humour during the various breaks in the ritual.

During the Risings, W.Bro Vernon Watts (Sec) proposed that by way of appreciation to the PMK Lodge Demonstration Team a donation of £100 be made to their chosen charity.

W.Bro Martin Burt (Team Co-Ordinator) thanked the Lodge for the donation and W.Bro Erle Beale (PMK Lodge Sec) advised that the donation would go to the “End To End” charity event.

Following the meeting the brethren entered the festive board to enjoy Burn’s Night Supper of Neeps n Tatties.

In the absence of a true Scotsman, the address to the Haggis was given by W.Bro Vernon Watts, the Lodge Secretary.

W.Bro Lawrence Henson gave the Selkirk Grace. The meeting and Festive Board was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion and members and visitors gave praise to all those involved in organising and participating in such a memorable evening.

L to R -W.Bro Matt Neale (Cand), W.Bro Don Campbell (act SD), W.Bro Bill Stanton (act DC), W.Bro Martin Burt (act JD), W.Bro Ian Gordon (act JW), Bro Jim Owens (Lodge SW), W.Bro Keith White (Lodge act WM), Bro Simon Watts (Lodge JW), W.Bro Garry Foley (act WM), W.Bro Erle Beale (act IPM/Chap/ADC), W.Bro Stuart Smith (act IG), W.Bro Steve Heynes (act SW)

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