Charity Steward Notes

Charity Steward Notes are issued to communicate to Charity Stewards news about funds raised, donations made, charities to support, ways of performing the duties of a Charity Steward as well as other hopefully useful and interesting information. They should be a useful tool to assist Charity Stewards to make a Charity Steward’s report to the Lodge and Chapter and pass on such information to the members.

Charity Steward Notes (click on month):

RockRide2 – Festival 2020

Charity Notes – RR2

Mar 2014 – Wearing the Charity Steward Tie – Rock Ride 2 reminder – Flood Relief

Jan 2014 – Charity Cheque Accounts and Charity Account Cheques

Jan 2014 – Helping Those in Need – Masonic Charities

Jan 2014 – Charity Stewards Meeting – Masters Lists – Festival 2020 – Charity in Focus

Oct 2013 – Central Masonic Charities Support Middlesex – Minor Grants – New Charity Stewards

May 2013 – MPRF 10th Anniversary Grants a major success

Jan 2013 – Grand Charity major grants £485,000 MORE HERE, Gift Aid data, Masters Ride 2013

Nov 2012 – MS research success, £600,000 to hospices, Family Fete

Sep 2012 – Grand Charity minor grants £23,000 MORE HERE, New Inititaives, MPRF History MORE HERE

May 2012 – Charity Steward Handbook Launch, Prostate Cancer Research, PGO gives £56,000 to 17 charities

Mar 2012 – Freemason’s Grand Charity Matched Funding Scheme

Feb 2012 – PGO Charity Cheque Presentation notice – Provincial Fete – Gift Aid promotion

Jan 2012 – Grand Charity donations to Deafness Research UK, Philippines Typhoon, Multiple Sclerosis and Hospice grants.

Nov 2011 – Charities list and Mark Master Masons Festival 2012.

May 2011 – PGO Charity Cheque presentations report, Family Fete report, Budget no change and Provincial Ball announced.

Feb 2011 – Grand Charity supports floods, tranisitonal relief ends