Orare, Oravi, Oratum

W. Bro Andrew Farleigh SLGR, SLGCR, MetAGInsp, ProvGLDO (Middx) W. Bro Andrew Farleigh SLGR, SLGCR, MetAGInsp, ProvGLDO (Middx)

An invitation to become a Provincial Orator.

W. Bro Andrew Farleigh, the Provincial Grand Learning and Development Officer for Middlesex, extends an invitation to join his team of Orators, and be able to deliver a Lecture or talk on a masonic theme to Lodges and Chapters who are looking to advance the knowledge of their members. These lectures are written and presented by the individual Orator. The team provide these talks which will often help to “fill out” the agenda of a meeting.

Andrew explains, “the way things work is that there is an online request form that Lodges and Chapters requiring a lecture complete and submit. Details of their submitted requests are automatically circulated to all members of the Middlesex Oration Team. The Orator who is available to deliver a lecture on the date and venue of the request indicates this to the co-ordinator, who puts the Lodge and Orator in touch with each other to finalise arrangements. We do not make a charge for delivering lectures, but a donation from the Lodge or Chapter to the charity of the speaker’s choice is expected, and usually, an invitation to remain for dinner”.

For those interested in exploring the opportunity of joining the team of Orators please contact Andrew directly by e mail:

andrew.farleigh@pglm.org.uk or farleighmasonic@gmail.com

To request a Lecture go to: https://goo.gl/1DeJaG



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