Middlesex Masons Helping NHS – Pass It On

Brethren of the Province of Middlesex have been congratulated on giving support to the fundraising efforts of the London North West Healthcare.

After announcing the COVID 19 Appeal on the Provincial website and in the Mercury Lite, the Pro Provincial Grand Master has received a note of thanks from the LNWH Charity’s Trusts and Foundations Manager, Geraldine Dammen Kombonglangi, for sharing the JustGiving page through the Province’s Media resources.

She said that they had been overwhelmed by the public’s generosity and how people have come together to help key workers and frontline staff at a challenging time.

Our involvement doesn’t end there and as Freemasons we do our share, but there is always a bit more that we might do outside of our Masonic Circle.

By letting our friends know what we are doing as Middlesex Freemasons, it may be a spark for other community initiatives.

W. Bro David Pearson PPrGSec has been instrumental in getting a pledge from friends who participate with him in the Proscenium Amateur Theatre Company based in Harrow, Middlesex.

The company perform contemporary and classic plays at the Harrow Arts Centre and also at the Compass Centre, Ickenham.

At a recent Committee Meeting W Bro David mentioned this Appeal to his colleagues and the contributions that Middlesex freemasons were making and it was resolved they too would make a donation of £500.

We can all help by “passing it on” to others.

Whist the scientists are striving to provide a cure, we can strive to provide financial support to the LNWH Charity to assist in the work they do.


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