Some Late News Snippets

Twickenham Lodge Centenary Celebration
The Centenary Celebration of Twickenham Lodge, No. 4278 took place at Cole Court on Friday 12th November with the Pro Provincial Grand Master, along with the Provincial Executive, Provincial Officers and 50 members and guests.

Not only was this very special occasion celebrated by all but even better the Lodge witnessed the Initiation of Bro Valentin Zacharko, a Candidate who had been referred through the Provincial Membership Scheme.

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St Clair Clarion – Keeping in touch
St Clair Chapter, No. 2902 has already met twice this current masonic season and considering there are only 3 meetings a year it would be easy to lose touch with Companions who will have lost the stimulation of meeting in the Temple on a regular basis as you might do in the Craft.

Problem solved as newly appointed Scribe Ezra, E Comp Keith Mates, will produce on a regular basis a newsletter for the Companions as a way of keeping in touch when not meeting.

This he will call the “St Clair Clarion” which might also be a call to the members to coalesce and give an identity to the Chapter members to keep up an enthusiasm.

E Comp Keith has also come up with a novel way of ensuring that the Convocations have their music content and with a laptop linked to a speaker was able to play both the Opening and Closing hymns as well the National Anthem.

The Chapter meets on a Saturday afternoon at TDMC on the 1st Saturday in September, November and the last Saturday of March.

New or joining members will always receive a warm welcome as well as guests.

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Kenton Manor Lodge Recruitment Drive
Kenton Manor Lodge, No. 7882 recently held an Open Evening at the HDMC, where 15 gentlemen including the two candidates for Initiation at the December meeting attended.

Lodge Members explained why they had become freemasons and spoke about the enjoyment they derived from their membership.

This was followed by a presentation on what Freemasonry was about together with a Question & Answer session.

Guests were then given a tour of the Lodge rooms and facilities at Harrow.

Refreshments were provided and it was a successful and enjoyable evening for all.

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