New Masonic Handshake App launches

Press Release
1st April 2021

Following the inability for Freemasons to meet in person for the past year due to COVID restrictions, a new app is being released as rules relax.

The new App, is called iiMason (pronounced eye-eye Mason), and will solve one of the many challenges Freemasonry has in a digital and Covid compliant world, the Masonic handshake.

Long coveted by Masons, and recognised as one of the key cornerstones of Masonic communication, handshakes will no longer be needed to be given in person.

The technology, claimed by developers to be proprietary, is described on the brief of creating a far and reaching communication engine (F.A.R.C.E), using Bluetooth and NFC technology.

Users will download the app to the phone, validate their rank, and enable the app.

The app will scan the immediate area and post notifications.

Masons can exchange handshakes based on a technology that matches Masons and identifies the correct handshake to give.

Forensic Operational Order Linking (F.O.O.L) technology provide secure confirmation that the handshake matches accordingly.

An exciting new feature will be available at launch as well:

“Slow-mo” mode will record your digital handshake with ease, so that momentary exchange where you have no idea which handshake was given, or that nagging uncertainty that the person is a Mason is completely removed.


• Rank detection – flashing light blue colour denotes inferior ranks
• Be Nice Mode – flashes navy colour denotes senior masons in your presence
• Rank Avoidance – avoidance technology (H.E.L.P.) generates an important work call at the opportune moment
• Treasurer Alert – special alarm
• Alcohol sensor – identifies proximity to alcohol and Masons – no need to buy a drink for someone again.
• Enable sound notifications and ‘greet people well’, or translate in modern English with ‘Hello Brother

Download now:

To see the app for yourself, go to or email us.

Disclaimer: This product is only available to 3 legged Masons, between 00.00 and 00.00 on 1st April 2021, who have previously registered their sense of humour with the Provincial Communications Committee.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little bit of fun !

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