YOU DONATED £170,000 via Middlesex Province Relief Fund

Middlesex Province Relief Fund – 2020 Festival Voucher Scheme

Brethren and Companions will already know about the tremendous success of The 2020 Festival and the kudos that the Province will have received.

There is, however, another story which individual masonic units will be aware of as related to their own situation, but not the wider effect of the Provincial charitable endeavour as realised through the MPRF.

On reaching the various levels of patronage within the Festival, the MPRF supported local charities in Middlesex by allowing each masonic unit to nominate their preferred recipient.

It was an amazing result and over £170,000 was donated to a number of deserving causes locally, which hopefully will have enhanced the reputation of freemasonry as a force for good in the community.

The Scheme was created to assist Lodges and Chapters to support their favourite charities and good causes whilst doing all they could to help raise the fantastic total of £4.5m during our recent Festival for the RMTGB.

The Trustees have provided a breakdown of where the money went:

Total donated – £170,400.

172 Lodges and 65 Chapters took part and nominated 194 Different Charities.

The top 50 Charities all received £1,000 or more.

Due to the Covid19 Pandemic the Trustees extended the deadline by which all applications should be received to the 30th September 2020.

As a result of this, many of the later applications benefited Covid19 related schemes and food banks.

A total of £24,500 was donated to these good causes alone.

The top 10 supported charities were:

Shooting Star Children’s Hospice – £14,300
Provincial Grand Lodge Covid Appeal – £9,300
St Luke’s Hospice – £6,450
The Wish Centre – £5,100
LNWH Charitable Fund (Covid 19) – £4,100
The Salvation Army – £3,100
MMSA Wheelpower – £2,900
Scout Movement – £2,800
Homelink Day Respite Care – £2,400
Mulberry Centre – £2,400

W. Bro David Allan, PSGD PAPGM, Chairman of the 2020 Festival thanked the Trustees of the MPRF and their role. He said, “I was determined that the trustees should be thanked in no uncertain terms for the magnificent contribution the charity has made to local charities in Middlesex, as well as some national charities let alone the huge contribution made in incentivising lodges to support the 2020 Festival”.

He continued, “I am sure that one of the reasons this 2020 Festival was so successful was because the generosity and support of the MPRF gave us, allowed many units to concentrate on the “job in hand”, relaxed and encouraged in the knowledge that ‘their favourite and normally supported charities’ would be looked after. The scheme you introduced was simple for all to understand and extremely well executed, allowing all concerned to benefit from your generosity and organisation.

On behalf of The 2020 Festival Committee, we are most grateful to the very generous and effective service and initiative you provided”.

To see the full list of recipient charities and donor Lodges and Chapters click HERE

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