Middlesex Masonic Charity Supports Citizens Advice

Middlesex Masons in the Community –

Mr Aiman Elal CEO Hounsow CAB

Citizens Advice (CAB) is a network of 316 independent charities throughout the United Kingdom that give free, confidential information and advice to assist people with money, legal, consumer and other problems.

Hounslow CAB has been the main provider of this kind of service and advice in Hounslow for the last 80 years.

Each year they help over 9,000 of the borough’s poorest residents, including over 4,500 families with children, to solve over 32,000 problems.

The current period of pandemic has presented its own challenges and it is estimated that it has impacted on 70% of CAB clients.

Many have had to claim benefits over the recent months and it is reckoned that 40% of people have lost their income since lockdown began with another 10% losing as much as 80% of income.

Individuals claiming Universal Credit has doubled with 20,000 extra claims per day.

Hounslow has been badly affected because of its proximity to Heathrow Airport, which 43,000 Hounslow residents rely on for their livelihoods.

The number of Hounslow residents out of work through no fault of their own keeps rising and the welfare benefits enquiries get more complex with social welfare law updating rapidly.

The legislation is often applied incorrectly, requiring help to challenge incorrect decisions.

Step Up Middlesex Masonry –

W Bro Chris Albrow and Bro John Murray

CAB had to be ready to meet the huge impending demand and with social distancing the difficulties would become acute as volunteers had to switch to working from home.

The CEO of Hounslow CAB asked the Middlesex Masonic Charity for a grant to purchase telephone conferencing equipment and laptop computers, which would enable and additional 3 volunteers staff to work from home, especially with the increase in work load.

With the support of W Bro Chris Albrow PPJGW, SLGR, a member of Victory Lodge, No. 619, and Bro John Murray PPrAGStB of Sunbury Lodge, No. 1733, who both are Trustees of the Hounslow CAB a grant of £2,440 was made.

Interesting and fulfilling work –

Middlesex Masons are invited to consider a role as Trustee and the commitment is generally a few hours monthly mostly working from home.

If interested to know more about the work of CAB then you should contact:

Mr Aiman Elal CEO – A.elal@hounslowcabs.org.uk
Citizens Advice Hounslow
Tel: 020 3198 1715
Mobile: 07825655125

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