The Middlesex Masonic Charity – Recent Donations

The Middlesex Masonic Charity (MMC) awarded a grant of £2,000 to each of four charities for the homeless just before Christmas 2020.

These donations were reported in December 2020 –

Awards have also been made to:-

Handicapped Children’s Action Group –

Carole Davies Acting CEO with MMC Cheque

An award of £1,475 was made to the Handicapped Children’s Action Group (HCAG).

HCAG is a registered charity working to provide specialist equipment for children with disabilities, learning difficulties and other special needs.

The children, from all areas of the UK are unable to obtain this equipment from the NHS and because of the cost it is usually unaffordable for families to purchase.

This award is for the purchase of a special Hoggi CESA wheelchair for a youngster from Edgware, Jennifer, who is 10 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy.

Unable to walk far unaided a wheelchair is an excellent form of transport for her, allowing her to get around independently.

Light and easy to move around this will allow her to explore more of the world around her.

Jennifer’s Hoggi CESA Wheelchair

She will use the chair for “walks” with family and friends, school activities and family holidays.

The chair will also allow her to improve her motor skills, balance and build up strength in her core.

Undeniably, this is a fantastic gift for any child in these circumstances and the Middlesex Masonic Charity and Brethren in the Province can be rightly proud.

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Centred on Centrepoint –

Alexander Robins Centrepoint

Another award of £2,000 was to Centrepoint. David Chambers, the Correspondent Trustee of the MMC said, “During the current climate of uncertainty, financial pressure and associated mental strain which have all increased with having to cope with the effects of pandemic, together with the onset of winter, the homeless become even more vulnerable than normal”.

It was gratifying for the MMC to have received the following testimonial about the importance of the award made from Alexander Robins – the Senior Trusts & Statutory Fundraising Officer for Centrepoint:

Centrepoint is the leading charity for homeless young people aged 16-25.

Our vision is a world in which no young person is homeless. More immediately, our mission is to give homeless young people a future.

In order to achieve this our hostels and supported flats provide shelter to almost 1,500 homeless young people every night.

To complement this, we deliver a range of programmes that support young people’s mental health, help them address substance use and other complex issues and gain the skills, qualifications and work experience needed to escape homelessness for good.

For many charities and, indeed, society in general the pandemic has presented numerous challenges that have impacted our work.

However, thanks to the generosity of the Middlesex Masonic Charity all our hostels have remained open and sufficient PPE and food has been secured to ensure the young people living with us are safe and have food to eat.

To address severe isolation and loneliness experienced during the lockdowns, and to support our residents access to education, training and work experience opportunities remotely, we are in the process of purchasing computer equipment to make our hostels digitally inclusive.

As all these activities and more have only been made possible by the generosity of our supporters.

We especially thank the Freemasons of the Province of Middlesex and those at the Middlesex Masonic Charity for making this donation possible.

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