Go on, Give Yourself a Treat at Christmas

W Bro Stan Marut, News Editor, relates his Secret Christmas ambition.
As Freemasons the art of giving is well entrenched in our psyche manifest in the generosity of our Institution.

It is not what I want, but what I can give, or do which is our single most motivating factor.

We all probably harbour secret ambitions about things which we might have inner cravings for which reason and common sense tells us are nonstarters.

No, you may not have a top of the range TESLA. No, you cannot have this or that, and so on.

But if it didn’t cost much and might be good for you, then you should not be denied.

After all, we owe it to ourselves.

My own innermost cravings are limited to books and CDs.

These are mostly bought as used very good or are publisher’s remainder stock.

Being interested in the History of Middlesex, my eye was drawn to a book catalogue offering Volumes of the Victoria History of the County of Middlesex published the Oxford University Press in fine binding and high-quality paper.

Originally published at £95, they were a “steal” at £14.99 each.

The original series of Middlesex History was in 13 Volumes.

I picked up 6 which covered areas of Middlesex which would perhaps interest me most.

Not all Volumes were in the offer.

The history of Middlesex will go back many hundreds of years even before the County of Middlesex became an entity in 1889.

It fascinates me to understand that Fulham, Kensington, Westminster and Chelsea as well Stepney and Mile End were all part of that geographical area known as Middlesex.

Over a period, I have managed to acquire some smaller volumes which gave a broad-brush history, but these tomes give a far-reaching understanding of everything that Middlesex was.

Why is this important ?

Personally, I believe that the more we understand about its history, the more we can justify our existence as a Province caught up within the boundaries of the Metropolis.

Addresses are now reduced to a HA or TW suffix in some areas.

Let’s use the Middlesex in our address books and let the name linger and become an identifying factor for those who are proud of a Middlesex heritage. Don’t let them erase the name.

My purchase was made through www.psbooks.co.uk/History-of-the-County-of-Middlesex which should lead you to these volumes.

For those that may be interested to find this history on the web you can search using this link which will direct you Volume 5 and you can use the link by searching for the other volumes by number www.british-history.ac.uk/vch/middx/vol5

Also check this link – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victoria_County_History

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