Discover Freemasonry hits Harrow

On 19th November the second Middlesex “Discover Freemasonry” event took place at the Harrow Centre, and was a great success, building on the learnings of the first event at Twickenham.

45 curious members of the public attended the evening – a number of whom had been attracted via Facebook advertising and others via Middlesex Lodges, who were using the event as part of their approach to get to know and educate candidates before joining the order.

There was quite a buzz of expectation in the centre from 6.30 as numbers started to collect.

The evening kicked off at 7.30 in the Prince Michael of Kent Temple, with almost all seats taken.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master Nigel Codron opened the evening and welcomed our visitors before introducing the order and the Province.

Omaid Hiwaizi followed and asked “What is Freemasonry?” with a number of interesting responses before sharing a series of famous people, asking “Freemason or Not?”.

Daniel Graham (despite being incapacitated and on crutches) then explained “What do Masons do”, giving the delegates some insight into what happens in the Lodge room.

This was as session which was added after feedback from the Twickenham evening.

A number of younger Masons then introduced themselves, led by Ben Brickley and Vishakha Jain, followed by Steve Osgood (one of the Provincial Stewards, who stood in at short notice) and Laura Fautley.

Christine Chapman, Grand Master of the Honorable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, then introduced Women’s Freemasonry and Mike Kearsley delivered a session on the History of Freemasonry.

To close, Provincial Membership Officer Nigel Harris-Cooksley outlined what prospective members should do next to enquire and Nigel Codron took a number of lively questions before he thanked attendees, the speakers and the Provincial Stewards (Steve Osgood and Nick Grossman) who greeted and booked in attendees.

Attendees were all presented with a copy of the UGLE Tercentenary DVD on their departure.

Feedback was positive from all those who attended.

After the event we received the following comments:

AK: “I felt very honoured to be able to attend that seminar and both the event and the DVD exceeded my expectations

DL: “Was truly an enlightening experience. Hoping to become immersed within the fraternity, in due course

SK: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity for myself to understand Freemasonry

A number of the attendees brought partners (male and female) who were also curious about Freemasonry (one of whom also decided to sign up!), and blind Freemason Simon Highsmith brought his blind friend Ghow Ratnaraja, who decided he’d like to join a Lodge in Harrow.

We’re pleased to say that so far enquiries have been received from 16 men and 2 women (this in addition to those who came with Lodges, who join those directly).

The next Discover Freemasonry open evening will be in Uxbridge in March.

Watch this space for the date.

We ask all Lodges in the Province to bring Candidates they have already attracted to the evening as part of their process of engaging them and educating them about Freemasonry.

To view more photos taken on the evening click HERE

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