A Membership Charter for Middlesex

With the introduction of the formal collared Office of Provincial Membership Officer, W Bro Nigel Harris-Cooksley has not been slow to produce guidelines for new applicants and unsponsored candidates to freemasonry.

The new Document shown in the illustration above will not only guide new candidates through the process but indicates a timeline of expectancy in terms of communication by the preferred Masonic Centre Membership Team Leader.

He will arrange a mutually convenient meeting to informally discuss the candidate’s interest in freemasonry.

Any questions will be answered and will, through a filtering process, identify a suitable Lodge who can then progress the application.

This is an essential process so that an unsponsored candidate can meet Middlesex masons with whom they may find a kindred interest.

Subsequent to this, and within a specified time scale embodied in the Charter the candidate will be contacted by the Secretary or Lodge Membership Officer of the selected Lodge.

They will then arrange for him to meet other members of the Lodge.

This formal process will give encouragement to bona fide candidates who will then have a “critical path” and know where they are in the process of becoming a freemason.

Within twelve months a date will be set for the initiation.

The Charter is a welcome addition to our recruitment endeavours and will allow Lodges to have formal guidelines by which to process applications. No candidate should be lost due to inertia by a Lodge Officer.

Download a copy of the Charter HERE

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