Meals and Deals

It has been almost a year since we were locked down and locked out from our freemasonry.

There were a fortunate few who were able to meet under the Rule of Six.

This period allowed us as Freemasons to prove to the world the beneficial effect of our honourable Institution and this been shown in ample measure by the charitable works and giving of Middlesex Masons.

It is not yet time to relax and our work goes on.

W Bro John Briggs, Provincial Grand Charity Steward has given the Media Team an update on the latest Charities to benefit from the award of £2,000 each made by the Middlesex Masonic Charity (MMC).

The two beneficiaries are the Enfield Unpaid Carers and the Brent Unpaid Carers.

Unpaid Carers are those in the Community who have taken on certain responsibilities.

A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to a family, a partner, or close friend, who could not manage without help.

This could be because of illness, frailty, disability, mental ill health or substance misuse problems.

No doubt some of us fall into this category and have these additional worries.

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Do Not Underestimate The Work Done –

The Media Team has reported over the last 12 months the various activities especially the food banks who have been supported by Middlesex Freemasons.

Indeed, both the MMC and the Middlesex Province Relief Fund (MPRF), as well as independent Lodges and Chapters have been to the forefront in this initiative.

We must not underestimate the amount of meals that have been provided by Harrow District Masonic Centre and the Uxbridge Masonic Centre.

Over a period of time the meals provided by both Centres has totalled in excess of 117,000.

This has been achieved in association with local charities, not to mention the Charity SAFRA, which has provided its own Cook to work in parallel with the Uxbridge Centre Chef Martin, as well as with other Provincial volunteers.

Martin has been stalwart in this work, which has been supported by both the MMC and MPRF to the tune of £4,000.

Apart from the Masonic Charities, a well-known supermarket has generously given surplus donations of food which have been distributed to the Foodbanks and some has been used in the meals preparation process.

W Bro Keith Angell PPrJGD of Royal Union Lodge, No. 382, has been committed in this endeavour.

His supplies are then handed over to the Provincial Charity Steward for distribution amongst the various Foodbanks which includes SAFRA, the Salvation Army and the Uxbridge Foodbank.

Not Only, But Also –

In addition to the above many other charities across the board have benefited from the generosity of Freemasons.

For example, NHS Hospitals have received substantial monetary awards, including cash for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), as well as Homeless and Mental Health charities.

The Provincial Covid Appeal has financially supported the work carried out at the Uxbridge Centre and helped towards its running costs.

We have every reason to be proud of our own individual efforts as well as the contribution made as part of the Masonic Province of Middlesex.

It’s not over and the referee has not blown for full time just yet.

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