Triumph for Trinity

Sue Serret of THP & W Bro John Briggs at Uxbridge Masonic Centre

Middlesex based Charity Trinity Homeless Projects (THP) based in Uxbridge has just received the amount of £17,000 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) for the refurbishment of properties used to rehouse the homeless. (see

This award was a result of the implementation of an emergency structure in response to Covid 19 which allowed closer operational working within a Regional Communication Group, which in this instance consisted of the Provinces of Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxford.

The Covid 19 Group had the task of identifying and recommending a wide variety of Provincial Projects that could be replicated on a national scale.

Applying for the Award –

Trinity Homeless Projects were invited to apply for an award and the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W Bro John Briggs, was instrumental in ensuring that the Guidance Form was completed.

The Charity was expected to provide full details of their projects and how any grant awarded might be measured in terms of the effect it would have.

In this particular instance the grant requested, £17,000, was to be used in assisting the refurbishment of properties and convert them into 5 or 6 bedroom homes, which are then offered to people wanting to live in a community and who may have additional support needs.

Normally, the Charity would create income through their Social Enterprise, Trinity Furniture Store which would normally meet the costs of refurbishments.

Due to the difficulties of lockdown and having to close the shop 4 months revenue was effectively lost.

There are much wider implications of this charitable endeavour and this award is very welcome.

The Charity also reported that there were a further 55 properties which might also benefit from some financial assistance.

An Invitation –

The Charity’s Head of Fundraising and Communications, Sue Serret, invited members of the Middlesex Masonic Community to visit the completed properties once works had been completed.

This would allow the residents to say their own personal thank you.

Indeed, she said she would put together a Social Media campaign to promote the partnership between the Province and the Charity.

W Bro John Briggs invited Sue Serret to Uxbridge Masonic Centre to meet for a photo opportunity.

Trinity and the Province –

This magnificent gesture by the MCF has antecedents in the charitable endeavours carried out by members of Ruislip Priory Lodge, No. 7290 under the guidance of W Bro John Harris who is Lodge Charity Steward.

Much has been done at Lodge level to support the Trinity Homeless Project.

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