MCF go on the record with “Off the Record”

We are charged with being happy, and communicating that happiness to others.

Not only that, but also to extend the bounties of charity to every deserving object.

Of course, this is something that is second nature to Freemasons.

Often the need of our charity is right on our doorstep.

What better cause –

The Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), the Freemasons’ charity, recently gave a grant of £13,500 over the next three years to the Middlesex based Charity – Off The Record (OTR) – based in Twickenham.

It might be easy to overlook what goes on around us and we may often see children and young adults as being “difficult”.

What we may not know is that the London Borough of Richmond has the 4th highest rate of hospital admissions for self-harm in young people in Metropolitan London.

Not only that, but 25% of those accessing OTR counselling are suicidal.

Given the challenges of society and given the possible negative consequences of our modern age, there will be some who may fall by the wayside being unable to cope with life in general.

Off The Record provides a free and confidential drop-in counselling service for young people aged 11-24 who live, work or study in the London Borough of Richmond.

The team will give free, confidential and accessible information and counselling to improve young people’s emotional and mental health well-being.

Honesty, Flexibilty and Integrity –

The OTR team can support young people using these attributes and offer counselling sessions based in Twickenham, Hampton, Whitton and Barnes.

It also provides support to parents and carers.

For the development of young people into mature adults who will be able to make a valued contribution to our society, then this type of charitable endeavour may be the panacea to set them on the road to that “happiness” to which we all strive.


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