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Major Donation from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) to a Middlesex Charity –

W Bro John Briggs presenting a cheque for £28,500 to Colin Power of Harrow Carers

Harrow Carers were awarded the substantial sum of £28,500 from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), which will be a major boost in supporting the exceptional work they do.

Underneath the seeming tranquillity of our ordinary lives, there exists another world which exposes a different reality: a world of difficulty and hardship. Some of us are experiencing, or will have experienced, caring for loved ones at home.

This not confined to class, status or age group.

However, there are stories of youngsters caring for parents as well as younger siblings whilst trying to go to school, or, indeed, hoping to lead a normal life with their peers. Equally, there are some who may have been gainfully employed, but now find that their allegiances have had to change as well as routines.

Statistics from 2015 show that 1 in 10 people are carers and that at some point in their lives they will suffer from depression, anxiety and stress.

Harrow Carers concern themselves with the well-being of the Carers themselves.

The Charity is an independent and voluntary organisation operating in Harrow since 1996.

The web site will provide further particular details of the services and activities provided.

(see –

A Mission Statement –

Harrow Carers have outlined their speciality on the web site.

The Chairperson has said, “Caring can bring many positives and rewards, and as the number of people caring continues to rise it is vital that we provide support to those who care.

Carers are estimated to save the NHS around £132 billion a year and play a major role in supporting an aging population and those managing complex and long-term conditions.

GPs and primary care teams have a major role to play in identifying and formally recognising carers, initiating discussions about carer support needs and in supporting and maintaining carer health and wellbeing.

Carers also need support with their own health, as well as information and education to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to support those they care for.

We still have a long journey ahead to ensure every carer has access to vital support and information, but I hope this guide can provide confidence for new carers as they start their caring journey”.

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