Middlesex Benevolent Fund Grant to Uxbridge

Uxbridge Masonic Centre (Uxbridge MHL) have recently been awarded a small grant by the Trustees of the Middlesex Benevolent Fund from the donations made to the Middlesex Covid Relief Appeal.

This will allow them to continue cooking and packing meals for the charity SUFRA based in North West London until the end of December 2020.

SUFRA will provide the raw ingredients and the Chef and volunteers at Uxbridge Masonic Centre will undertake the cooking and packaging.

The initiative, which was due to end on the 6th November, has happily been extended for a further period which will also see around 500 meals provided to the needy on Christmas Day.

The Province of Middlesex has been working with SUFRA during the worst period of the pandemic.

They run a food bank and community kitchen and as a Charity try to address the causes and consequences of extreme poverty, homelessness and social isolation in the community.

SUFRA’S emergency interventions and innovative courses provide a lifeline to people in crisis, empowering them to improve their well-being, learn new skills, find work and become financially stable. Many of SUFRA’s clientele are from the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic group of citizens (BAME).

Here is a link to the Charity – www.sufra-nwlondon.org.uk

It is gratifying that Middlesex Masons are once again able to embrace the opportunity to assist those in the community who rely on the good works of others.

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